jeudi 15 décembre 2011

Welcome To My Apple I Blog

Since a couple of days, I had an idea about doing something useful... something extraodinary and remarkable : making myself an original Apple I replica. What a better way to learn micro-computing's bases than "re"building this kind of Legend, which is the Apple I?

Let's start with a piece of history. The Apple I was created and produced in 1976 by Steve Jobs and his associate Steve Wozniak. First product of Apple Computer Inc, the Apple I was sold at the price of $666.66. Though it was "the first Low Cost Microcomputre System", the Apple I was quite expensive for individuals. 200 computers were ordered and only the half of them were manufactured by "the two Steve". This machine was a pure hobbyist product, sold without keyboard, no screen and no storage device... however it was pretty wonderful =)

See below how it was advertised by the brand new Apple Computer Company. 8Kb RAM on a single board! Nowadays it could seem ridiculous, but nearly 40 years ago it was a real achievement:

At that time, it was a huge step for Computing History. A full computer on a single board for a very low price (compared to the ones which already existed). That was Jobs' vision : making the micro computing afordable for everyone. Well, this version was created for people having computing knowledge, known as "geeks" nowadays, but the concept was here. Jobs made a huge upgrade with the Apple II, which encountered the success we already know.

If I created this blog, it's because I really wanted to share my experience during the Apple I's assembly. Every steps, every details and every secrets will be shared with the visitors of this blog.

I do hope my work will help people wishing to make their own Apple I.

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  1. hi William are you still reachable here? I'm building a few Mimeo-I, wondered the final status of your project!