mardi 27 décembre 2011

Mike Has The Components

As I said in the previous message, I contacted Mike Willegal... HE HAS THE COMPONENTS!!!! WOW!!! GENIAL!!! :) :) :) ... sorry but I'm so happy :) :) :)

My concerns was about the MIMEO bare board! Without this printed circuit board (PCB), no Apple I. I also ordered the ROMs (Wike is so kind, he programmed them with the Apple I firmware). And I ordered some rare components and integrated circuits, see below:

- 4 x 1N4001 Diode
- 4 x 1n914 Diode
- 4 x A14F Diode
- 2 x 8T97 IC
- 2 x Intel/MMI 3601 256x4 prom
- 1 x Signetics 2513 char ROM
- 7 x Signetics 2504v shift reg
- 1 x Signetics 2519b
- 1 x DS0025C Two Phase MOS Clock Driver
- 16 x DRAM 4Kx1 (MOSTEK MK4096)
- 2 x 2400uF 25 Volt Cap SPRAGUE
- 1 x 5300uF 15 Volt cap SPRAGUE
- 1 x Crystal -14.3181 Mhz HC49/U
- 1 x LM323K heatsink
- 1 x LM323K +5V voltage regulator (3AMP)
- 1 x Board Edge Cinch 44 pin (.200 between row spacing)
- (other minor components)

I've decided not to order all the components because I don't want to turn this project into a simple kit assembly. I'll search the missing components on internet, mainly eBay I guess but not only. Several other sources for used components are available.

For the 74 serie TTL ICs, I'll buy them all new to limit problems during the first boot. Then, once the Apple I will be functional I'll search vintage ones and change them one by one. The transformers couldn't be purchased from Mike because in France the domestic voltage is 220V, not 110V. I'll buy new ones, compatible with the STANCOR originals.

Now I'm waiting for the shipement to arrive... :D

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