mardi 10 janvier 2012

I Got The CPU And The PIA

I found the 6502 microprocessor and the PIA (Peripheral Interface Adapter) MC6820. I got them from a local enthusiast who was selling a few vintage components on Internet.

He was selling one used Rockwell R6502P in new condition. I contacted him "Do you have two of them?", he said YES! I also asked him "Do you have a MC6820?", he responded "yes, a vintage ceramic one"... WOW!! Excellent! I like these ceramic ICs which are hard to find. Today I received them, they are beautiful. See the picture below:

To get more information on these main components, see the links below:

- - The 6502 microprocessor resource
- Wikipedia MOS 6502 page"
- Wikipedia PIA page"
- MOS 6502 Hardware Manual"
- Motorola 6820 Hardware Manual"

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